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Watch this space for current news from 2019....
and now we've done Dairy Day & Agriscot 2019 as well :-

November: Agriscot 2019
3rd Snr Heifer with Ingleview Roxie Solomon
3rd Newbirks Jazz 1584

September:- UK Dairy Day

Int Hfr in Milk 5th Ingleview Roxie Solomon

1st Mature Cow in Milk Newbirks Jazz 1584 and Holstein Champion and Supreme Champion

September:- Westmorland
1st 2nd calver with Ingleview Beauty Brady
1st 3rd calver with Glasson Bombero F Gail
2nd 4th or more calver with Saxelby Brady Amber
1st Group of Three
1st Pair

Reserve Champion with Ingleview Beauty Brady


We've had trips to the Royal Highland, our usual stomping ground of the Great Yorkshire and a great first outing to the Royal Welsh.....

June: Royal Highland Show 2019
Intermediate Cow:
5th Ingleview Rebel Roxie (Rebel)
Senior Cow:
1st ┬áNewbirks Jazz 1584 EX95-2E  SP LP60

July: Great Yorkshire Show 2019
Junior Cow in Calf:
1st Ingleview Butz Ruth
Junior Cow:
2nd Ingleview Estate Bevvin
Intermediate Cow:
1st Glasson Bombero F Gail
2nd Ingleview Rebel Roxie
Exhibitor bred group of three:
1st R & E Butterfield
Pairs 1st R & E Butterfield
Reserve Breed Champion: Glasson Bombero F Gail
Champion Interbreed Exhibitor Bred Pair

July: Royal Welsh Show 2019
Junior Cow:
5th Ingleview Estate Bevin
Intermediate Cow:
3rd Ingleview Rebel Roxie
Senior Cow:
1st Newbirks Jazz 1584

Breed Champion & Interbreed Champion: Newbirks Jazz 1584

Part of the Interbreed Champion Group of 5


The other part of the business is a flower, fruit and veg shop run by our daughters Pamela and Kathryn


We are delighted that Dick Butterfield has recently been awarded a Club Award by the Yorkshire Club for his dedication to the Yorkshire club and the breed over many years.

Another show another success - Newbirks Jazz 1584 is National Holstein Show Champion 2020 gaining recognition from a worldwide respected judge Patrick Ruttimann as he crowns her Supreme champion at UK Dairy Day 2020.
Thanks to leadsman Glynn LUcas who led her to the top spot !

We are delighted that Dick Butterfield has recently been awarded a the Yorkshire Club for his dedication to the Yorkshire Holstein Club over many years

and the breed over many years.

club award


2019 Royal Welsh Interbreed & Breed Champion
Newbirks Jazz 1584 EX95-2E SP

jazz royal welsh 2019

2018 - we did it again at the Great Yorkshire Show
Taking breed championship with Saxelby Brady Amber

Saxelby Brady Amber

while Ingleview Jane Jareb VG88 2nd calver won the Junior Cow in Milk class.

Ingleview Jane Jareb VG88

While this calf below purchased at the Perfection Collection Sale - Holben Solomon Enamel was 1st GYS 2018 and Reserve Maiden Heifer champion and 5th All Breeds All Britain 2018

Holben Solomon Enamel

2017 show season started with the following results:-

Mid July and after a challenging few weeks with Jazz overcoming E Coli this remarkable cow continues to be unstoppable, on a wet Tuesday she rose to the fore again as Holstein Champion, then in the sun on Wednesday she was crowded Supreme.

gys interbreed 2017
It rounded of what was another formidable show for the Ingleview camp - thanks to all helpers and everyone who made it possible!

3rd Maiden Heifer with Inglview Doorman Barb
1st Junior Cow in calf with Ingleview Windbrook Dandy
2nd Heifer in milk with Ingleview Jane Jareb
3rd Heifer in milk with Ingleview Ruth Zoltec
2nd Junior Cow in milk with Ingleview Rebel Roxie
1st Int Cow in milk with Newbirks Jazz 1584
2nd Int Cow in milk with Ingleview Goldsun Erma
1st Group of Three
2nd Pair by same sire - Val Bisson Doorman
Reserve Exhibitor Breed Champion with Erma
Holstein Champion with Jazz
3rd Jersey Maiden heifer with Monument Colton Blackberry
1st Interbreed Exhibitor bred pairs

2017 GYS Supreme Champion !!

Newbirks Jazz 1584 is now 2017 Breed and Supreme Champion at the Royal Highland Show - matching every bit of her EX93 maximum score for a 3rd calver.

jazz at rhs 2017

6th Milking Yearling Ingleview Ruth Zoltec
at Dairy Expo 2017

Black and White consigments 2016 - sold and wishing their purchasers the best of luck

This year we will be selling two of the very best from Ingleview:-

Ingleview Silver Jazz -
Born 1st December 2015
By Seagull- Bay Silver
Only daughter of show ring supremo Newbirks Jazz 1584
Potential 4th gen VG or EX

Ingleview Doorman Promis
Born 16th September 2015
By Val -Bisson Doorman
Her dam is the EX90 Sterndale Goldwyn Promis, and this is her only Doorman daughter
Potential 6 gens VG or EX

August 2016 and we have just had a great classification visit, with two VG87 and 10 VG86 heifers, with the heifers scored averaging over 85 points, as well as 5 new EX cows.

We have two exciting consignments for the 2016 Black and White Sale - check back for more.

Coming soon - we introduce the Marie family in our Cow family pages .....

October 2016
Congratulations to Bob Lawrence on his success at the 2016 All Breeds All Britain Calf Show, Ingleview Bradnick Honey won the Oct- Nov 2015 class before going on to be Holstein Champion.
radnick honey
She's bred from 12 gens VG or EX, with her dam a VG87 Goldfish, 3rd dam Winston Honey EX95-4E (below)

winston honey

September 2016
We have just returned from a great UK Dairy Day.
Under strong competition we had an outstanding show
3rd Junior 2 yr old - Ingleview Rebel Roxy
1st Senior 3 yr old and Best Udder- Newbirks Jazz 1584
who then went on to be Senior Champion and Reserve Grand Champion

jazz at uk dairy day

May 2015

We have just purchased Newbirks Jazz 1584 VG88 from David Lawson and family, she has already been 1st Heifer in Milk and Champion Otley Show 2015- pictured below.

Newbirks Jazz 1583

Newbirks Jazz 1584 VG88-2yrs - by Lavenguard - new to Ingleview May 2015
Backed by a VG87 Bolton, gdam is a EX93-4E Shottle

We have a couple of new pictures to share with you...

ingleview rebel lamy

Inglview Rebel Lamy EX93- 11 gens VG or EX

inglview million rose
Inglview Million Rose VG89 - daughter of the formidable Goldwyn Rose - embryos available now by Doorman

October 2014 latest - Ingleview Gold Doll EX93 continues her great form winning top accolades at the 2014 Northern Expo where she was Supreme Champion

northern expo 2014 champion

It was a great trip for the herd representing Yorkshire at the 2014 UK Dairy Day with
5th in the Junior 2 year olds with Ingleview L'authority Amanda
8th Intermediate 2 year olds with Ingleview Dempsey Dandy
2nd 4 year old with Ingleview Gold Doll



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