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Here is a selection of some of our prominent families at Ingleview,
check back regularly as we keep introducing new families

(Click on the feature cows name to discover more about the family from Holstein UK.)

The Gail's

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The Gail family is another tremendous family we are enthused about with our partners Enchanted Holsteins.

VG89 2nd calver with a first lactation of 10076 kg at 4.26% fat and 3.23% protein behind her she
completes 8 gens VG or EX.
Fresh in June 2018, she has a March 2017 daughter by Hang-Time.

Glasson Bombero F Gail

Glasson Bombero F Gail VG89
Owned with Enchanted Holsteins

The Blackberry's

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Just because .... a splash of colour can be diffferent !
We are delighted that our purchase from the Holiday's has calved in so well, we have established a new family with a Barnabas heifer from Blackberry while she is already now backed by 6 gens VG or EX.


Monument Colton Blackberry

Monument Colton Blackberry NOW VG88

The Bevin's

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The Bevin family is quietly establishing itself within the pedigree world and within the Ingleview herd.

A VG88 heifer with a huge 10 gens staight VG or EX pedigree and fresh since June 2018 with a heifer by Caviar.


 Ingleview Estate Bevin

Ingleview Estate Bevin VG88

The Mahala's

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The Mahala family is a great recent addition to our herd, with Wormanby Elude A Mahala VG87 jointly purchased with the Coates family of Bailmoor Holsteins.

We purchased Mahala from the Hodgson family at their Premier Pedigree Herd Open Day as a calf.
Backed by 10 gens VG or EX with 8 of them EX pedigrees dont get much stronger.
Mahala has daughters by Cooper Mega-Man and Cavier as well as a son by Unix.
Giving over 34kg in her 1st lact,
she is due again in July 2019

Wormanby Elude A Mahala VG87

Wormanby Elude A Mahala VG87-2yrs
Owned with Bailmoor Holsteins

The Abbiene's

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The Abbiene family joined us when Oliver Greenhalgh came to work with the herd.

Abbiene is now EX93-2E with a 3rd lact of 11,468kg and is served to sexed Awsome, giving over 40kg/day.
Sired by Goldchip her 3rd dam is
Shoremar S Alicia EX97.

She already has a VG85 daughter by Supersire and a VG87 daughter by Brady with a 2017 Beemer daughter and a 2018 EDG Arvis daughter.


Enchanted Goldchip Abienne EX93

Enchanted Goldchip Abbiene EX93-2E
Owned with Enchanted Holsteins

UPDATED - The Beauty'sy's

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Tracing to the phenomenal
Riverdane Stormatic Beauty EX90

Beauty Brady VG87 - 2yrs is one of 6 maternal sisters from Riverdane Outside Beauty VG88:-
Ingleview REW Beauty VG88,
Ingleview Seaver Beauty VG86,
Ingleview Fever Beauty VG87-2yrs &
Ingleview Shottle Beauty EX93-3E -

They complete 7 generations VG or EX

With the next generation by Brady from Sid Beauty VG87 making a potential 9th gen VG or EX
it's a family just starting to make its mark at Ingleview


ingleview brady beauty

Ingleview Beauty Brady VG87

Ingleview Beauty Brady VG87

The Jane's

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The Jane family has had 12 EX females so far with the next generation of Janes sired by Bradnick, Chief and Magoo.
The stalwarts in the herd today include the LP90 Ingleview Freeman Jane EX94-4E
(just fresh with her 7th)
Ingleview Winston Jane EX93-2E
(due May 2019 with her 8th)

Ingleview Jane Jareb VG88 2nd calver has had a successful show season in 2018, being Champion at the 2018 Great Yorkshire Show.
She is an 8th generation VG or EX and had a Bradnick heifer in June 2018 with her 2nd.
Due now in May 2019 with her 3rd
- sexed Goldchip


Ingleview Jane Jareb VG88

Ingleview Jane Jareb VG88
GYS Champion 2018

ingleview charles jane

Ingleview Charles Jane EX95-6E

The Marie'sy's

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The Marie family needs little introduction, it is reliable, high producing and deep pedigree-ed

We purchased Barlees Lavaman Marie
at the 2015 Barlees dispersal
Her dam is a VG86 Shottle who gave
9296kg at 4.17% fat and 2.87% protein

Lavaman Marie is now VG86 and due April 2018 to Progenesis Rhys (a Kingboy son)

denmire gibson marie 22
Denmire Gibson Marie EX94-2E

The Dreamgirl's

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The Dreamgirl family is new, modern and exciting !

We purchased
Wiltor Mardi Gras Dreamgirl
from the VG89 Explode daughter - Wiltor Dreamgirl
2nd lact 11522kg 305 4.48% fat 3.22% protein
She is the number 1 Explode daughter in the breed
There are a number of brothers to our heifer in AI
Its a highly sought after German family with show success and fancy fancy numbers behind it and six gens VG or EX !!

Mardi Gras x Explode x Man-o-Man x Goldwyn

Wiltor Mardi Gras Dreamgirl is GP83 and we have a October 2017 daughter from her by Bradnick, she's giving over 30kg per day and served to Lamda


wiltor dreamgirl

Wiltor Dreamgirl VG89-2nd calver

The Ghost'sy's

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Just one of a number of new families to be introduced

Ortongrange Observer Ghost EX91
Dam of Ingleview Dempsey Ghost VG86
September 2016 daughter by Doorman and 2017 daughter by Kaffeine

Completes 11 generations VG or EX
Owned in partnership with the Fishers of Newtonmoss
Genomics and classical great breeding


The Ambrosia's

The family is one of North America's finest and most recognised with numerous All American and All Canadian accolades in the pedigree.
We have the family at Ingleview from
Ravenscar Goldwyn Ambrosia EX91-2E
whose daughters include
Ingleview Bolton Ambrosia GP82
Ingleview MG Ambrosia GP83-2yrs and
her June 2017 daughter by Deman

3rd dam is EX96 Tri-Day Ashlyn herself
Potential 8th generation VG or EX progeny


The Doll'sy's

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The Doll's are just one of the herds current top families
It has already yielded 4 EX and 4 VG daughters

Ingleview Gold Doll EX94-2E
is a current herd favourite
Interbreed Champion Westmorland 2013
EX91 daughter by Glauco, VG86 daughter by Explode and a VG86 daughter by Observer
4th lact 13,023kg at 4.02% and 3.08%
We have a 2017 Deman daughter from this family starting the next generation

inglview goldwn doll
Ingleview Gold Doll EX94-2E

QWe are milking 6 members of the Doll family in Spring 2018

The Ruth's
Mincio embryos for sale from Endstory Ruth VG88

Ards Duplex O Ruth EX93 LP50

Sired by Mesland Duplex
3 gens of EX dams, and 11th gen VG or EX.

Embryos sold to numerous herds such as Shawdale, Aireburn, Washfold, Liscabank, Littlebridge and Overside

HM All Britain 2012,
2nd UK Dairy Expo 2012
& Interbreed Champion GYS 2012

3rd lact 16,917 kgs, 3.93% fat, 3.10% prot

Her eldest daughter is Ingleview Baxter Ruth EX91-3E already has VG daughters by Sanchez and Toystory and is now LP100

LM120315-03a Ards Duplex O Ruth - Grazing

Ards Duplex O Ruth EX93

The Buttergirl's
We now have over 290 registered

Probably one of the herds best known families, which has supplied many show winners, and foundation animals.

Ingleview Buttergirl 160 EX95-5E

5th gen homebred EX
5th lact 10,409kg at 3.96% fat, 3.14% prot

19 championships from 1999- 2004 inc Exhibitor Bred Championship Great Yorkshire Show 2004

ingleview buttergirl 160

Ingleview Buttergirl 160

One of our new additions is the November 2017 born
Ingleview Appleman Buttergirl Red 293
who is a potential 11th gen hombred
VG or EX

The Dandy's

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The Dandy's are one of out most prolific families

It has already delivered 27 EX and 42 VG females
Including 8 VG full sisters from Dandy 6 EX96-8E by Sanchez who are all VG

In the herd today we are milking 14 of which 7 are EX and 3 VG
Ingleview Roscoe Dandy EX92-2E
Ingleview Asterix Dandy EX92-2E
Ingleview Windbrook Dandy EX92


ingleview rudolph dandy 6

Ingleview Dandy 6 EX96-8E

The Vanessa's

Hillbrad Patron Vanessa EX93-4E SP LP70

5th lact 13,379kg at 4.21% fat, 3.30% prot

3rd gen VG or EX.

A 30* brood cow she bred 11 daughters with the Ingleview prefix alone.

Her EX daughters include
Ingleview Empire Vanessa EX91
Ingleview Shottle Vanessa 2 ET EX91
and we are currently proud of our mother and daughter in the herd
Ingleview Vanessa Empire VG88 and
Ingleview Vanessa Atwood VG88


hillbrad patron vanessa

Hillbrad Patron Vanessa

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